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Developing Mental Health CPD and Focussed Psychological Strategies CPD courses

Types of CPD

As shown in the GP Mental Health Training Framework, GPs can complete two types of CPD related to mental health:

  1. MH CPD
  2. FPS CPD.

Mental Health CPD

Building on the topics covered in MHST, MH CPD courses aim to extend the GP’s skills in assessing and managing mental illnesses in general practice.

The GPMHSC strongly encourages GPs to complete a variety of MH CPD courses as part of their ongoing professional development requirements, even though it is not mandatory. Completing clinical enhancement modules as part of their MH CPD is a good way of keeping their mental health skills and knowledge up to date and ensuring that they have broad knowledge across several areas.

MH CPD topics we require

We strongly recommend you consider developing MH CPD courses that address the following topics that are in high demand:

  • trauma-informed care and practice
  • suicide prevention: undertaking risk assessments, recognising and responding to those at risk of suicide
  • child and adolescent mental health
  • domestic family violence
  • intimate partner abuse and violence
  • substance-use disorders
  • other areas that may be relevant to communities in which GPs practise.

Other topics you could consider addressing in your MH CPD courses:

  • affective disorders
  • anxiety disorders
  • bodily distress disorders
  • eating disorders
  • mental health first aid training
  • interpersonal skills training: relationships, rapport, communication skills, interview skills.

Learning outcomes for MH CPD

After completing MH CPD courses, GPs will have:

  • a broader and/or deeper set of skills and knowledge about mental health than they attained in MHST
  • a broader and/or deeper set of skills to detect mental illness
  • a broader and/or deeper set of skills to assess and manage common mental illnesses.


FPS CPD expands on the skills and knowledge GPs acquired in FPS ST.

The GPMHSC recommends that GPs consider providing FPS to specific populations including the following. We encourage you to include them in your courses:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • those experiencing domestic family violence
  • those experiencing intimate partner abuse and violence
  • addictions/alcohol and other drugs
  • people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • children and adolescents.

Learning outcomes for FPS CPD

After completing FPS CPD courses, GPs will have:

  • a broader and/or deeper set of skills and knowledge about FPS than they attained in FPS ST
  • enhanced skills in selecting and demonstrating evidence-based FPS interventions appropriate to consumers’ issues and needs.

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