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Applying for accreditation of a CPD course

CPD courses that you wish to have accredited by the GPMHSC must also be accredited as CPD courses with the RACGP CPD Program and/or the ACRRM PDP. The GPMHSC often helps the RACGP and the ACRRM to determine which CPD category a course belongs to (MH CPD or FPS CPD).

Having dual accreditation may attract more participants to your course as you can display the GPMHSC-accredited logo when you promote the course.

Accreditation types for CPD courses

GPMHSC-accredited CPD courses are accredited as either CPD or gold standard CPD.

Gold standard courses:

  • use an interactive structured learning format
  • include genuine involvement from both carer and consumer representatives
  • include predisposing and reinforcing components.

The GPMHSC determines if your course will be accredited as a gold standard CPD course.

Submitting your CPD course for GPMHSC accreditation

If you wish to have an MH CPD or FPS CPD course accredited by the GPMHSC, you must apply for accreditation from the RACGP CPD program and/or the ACRRM PDP and inform them that you want the course accredited by the GPMHSC.

Contact the relevant college for more information on submitting your CPD course with the RACGP and/or ACRRM.

You do not need to complete a GPMHSC application form for CPD courses.

GPMHSC adjudication of your MH CPD or FPS CPD course

After receiving the notification from the RACGP or the ACRRM, the GPMHSC Secretariat will adjudicate your CPD course as soon as practicable and notify the RACGP or the ACRRM of the outcome. Please remember that GPMHSC accreditation is not guaranteed by accreditation with the RACGP/ACRRM or GPMHSC adjudication.

The GPMHSC Secretariat will notify you of the outcome and:

  • if your application is successful, send you the GPMHSC-accredited logo you can use to promote the course
  • if your application is not successful, give you feedback or request further information, and work with you to bring your course up to standard so you can resubmit.