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Applying for accreditation of a skills training course

Documents required when submitting your skills training course for accreditation

Table 15 lists the documents you must provide when you apply for accreditation.

Table 15. Documents required when you apply for skills training accreditation

Application document

Face-to-face courses

Online or
e-learning courses

Completed online GPMHSC application form for accreditation with responses that clearly demonstrate how the training addresses the required learning outcomes

Detailed course outline/schedule that demonstrates how the course meets the minimum time requirements

Participant resources/workbooks that clearly outline the content, case studies and examples, and how participants will use this material

Course outline that includes content of training, manuscripts, case studies, screenshots of e-learning training modules (if available) or slides that mirror what the e-learning module will look like, and how participants will use the material in an e-learning environment


Predisposing component

Reinforcing component

Copy of the consumer and carer perspective videos if applicable, or manuscripts/questions and schedules of carer and consumer presentations/interviews

Participant feedback forms

The process of applying

Stage 1: Submit a draft application for pre-adjudication

  1. Prepare your course.
  2. Download and complete the online GPMHSC application form
  3. Submit your draft application for adjudication by the respective college at the same time you submit to the GPMHSC Secretariat. This needs to be at least two weeks before the GPMHSC Committee meeting where you would like your application to be considered.

Stage 2: GPMHSC Secretariat pre-adjudicates your application

  1. The Secretariat will:
    • review your draft
    • provide you with feedback
    • work with you so that your application meets the GPMHSC standards before you proceed to Stage 3.

Stage 3: Submit your final application for adjudication

  1. Revise your draft application based on the feedback you receive.
  2. Submit your final application by the final closing date (14 days before the next GPMHSC Committee meeting).
  3. While your application is being adjudicated, you can include the following statement on advertising material: ‘This course has been submitted to the GPMHSC for adjudication – recognition of this course by the GPMHSC does not occur until adjudication is complete’.

Stage 4: GPMHSC Committee adjudicates your application

  1. At the next committee meeting, the GPMHSC Committee will determine whether your course meets the required standards. Adjudication does not guarantee accreditation. Although we aim to review each application as soon as possible, sometimes we have to hold over an application until the next meeting (for example, if the meeting’s agenda is already full or if your application is incomplete).
  2. The GPMHSC will notify you in writing of the outcome of the adjudication within two business days of the committee meeting.

If your application is successful, you will also receive the GPMHSC-accredited logo that you can use to promote the course.

If your application is unsuccessful, we will work with you to bring your course up to standard so you can resubmit.

Further information about applying and important dates

For further information about applying for accreditation of skills training courses, including draft and final application due dates, visit the GPMHSC website.