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Part 4: Applying for GPMHSC accreditation


The GPMHSC is responsible for accrediting general practice mental health education and training courses.

This section outlines the process of applying to the GPMHSC for accreditation of skills training courses for the 2023–25 triennium.

Your course must have dual accreditation with the GPMHSC plus the RACGP and/or the ACRRM.

Benefits of GPMHSC-accredited skills training

GPs who complete your GPMHSC-accredited courses will be eligible to access additional item numbers under the MBS.

Benefits of MHST

GPs who have completed MHST can, in the context of general practice:

  • recognise and assess mental illnesses in order to prepare evidence-based GP MHTP
  • monitor and review the patient’s progress
  • incorporate the perspective of people who have experienced mental illness
  • incorporate the perspective of non-professional carers who are caring for people living with mental illness.

Benefits of FPS ST

GPs who are registered providers of FPS deliver the following benefits for patients and communities in the context of general practice.

  • Members of the community can receive cost-effective psychological interventions, which is particularly important if there is a shortage of psychologists and psychiatrists, or if access to them is difficult (for example, in rural and remote settings).
  • FPS can be an effective form of treatment for people with depression and anxiety.
  • When delivered by a GP who is a registered FPS provider, FPS can address the immediate needs of patients in an acute medical situation.
  • When delivered by a registered GP, particularly in rural and remote locations, FPS can help communities overcome disasters and widespread adversities such as droughts and floods
  • GPs trained and skilled in FPS are better equipped to manage stressful situations and support people having difficulties with their mental health (for example, those experiencing trauma following an event, or an exacerbation of a pre-existing mental illness).

Retrospective accreditation

The GPMHSC does not grant retrospective accreditation of training courses that have been delivered. This means that although you can apply for accreditation of a course you have delivered, anyone who has completed that course before accreditation cannot access additional items under the MBS until they complete a course that has been accredited.