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Part 2: Mental health training and education for GPs



Mental health training and education for GPs provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to deliver mental health care in general practice with relevant MBS item numbers.

Choosing training courses from the framework

To ensure your mental health skills and knowledge remain up to date, we encourage you to:

  • complete a variety of mental health training courses that refresh and broaden your undergraduate and prevocational skills and knowledge in primary mental health
  • include MH CPD as part of your regular professional development
  • when choosing your CPD, consider the profile of your practice.

Finding GPMHSC-accredited courses

For further information about accredited courses in mental health, refer to the GPMHSC website

If you need advanced skills in mental health care, we encourage you to select from relevant courses referred to in the Advanced Mental Health Skills Acknowledgement Position Statement.

You can use the framework to plan your professional development in mental health at different stages during your career.

Additional GPMHSC information

FAQs: Mental health education and training
FAQs: Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) items.


Exemption from completing MHST and FPS ST

In exceptional circumstances, the GPMHSC may exempt a GP from completing MHST/FPS ST accreditation and still allow the GP to gain access to mental health care items through the MBS.

If you believe you can demonstrate that you have achieved the learning outcomes of MHST (Primary Pathway or Modular Pathway) or FPS ST, you can apply for an exemption. 

Additional GPMHSC information

Exemption from accredited mental health training