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GPMHSC-accredited mental health training

Mental health courses accredited by the GPMHSC

There are two types of mental health courses for GPs that the GPMHSC accredits, and each have two sub-categories:

  1. Skills training courses
    • Mental Health Skills Training (MHST)
    • Focussed Psychological Strategies Skills Training (FPS ST)

This training is referred to as ‘skills training’ because you acquire specific knowledge and skills required to access, manage and provide ongoing mental health care to your patients.

  1. CPD courses
    • Mental Health CPD (MH CPD)
    • Focussed Psychological Strategies CPD (FPS CPD).

CPD and PDP hours

After successfully completing accredited mental health training and education, you can accrue RACGP CPD hours and/or ACRRM Professional Development Program (PDP) hours.

Accreditation process

All courses submitted for accreditation are adjudicated by the GPMHSC to ensure that they:

  • meet relevant standards
  • include the required content
  • deliver required learning outcomes.

The courses are also subject to regular quality assurance reviews to ensure that they continue to satisfy these requirements.

How you can identify an GPMHSC-accredited course

A training course displaying one of the GPMHSC accreditation logos is accredited by the GPMHSC for:

  • the nominated type of mental health training (for example, MHST, FPS CPD)
  • the nominated triennium.

MHST and FPS ST logos

A course displaying one of the following logos is GPMHSC-accredited MHST or FPS ST training.


CPD logos

A course displaying one of the following logos is GPMHSC-accredited MH CPD or FPS CPD training.


A course displaying one of the following logos is GPMHSC-accredited as a gold standard MH CPD or FPS CPD training.


Gold standard CPD courses run for a minimum of six hours and include predisposing and reinforcing components, as well as involvement from consumer and carer representatives.

The GPMHSC quality assurance program

The GPMHSC conducts ongoing quality assurance of accredited courses to ensure GPs receive high-quality general practice education and training in mental health.

Through the quality assurance program, we:

  • review and evaluate how accredited courses are being delivered so they continue to meet the standards
  • give training providers the opportunity to openly discuss and receive feedback on their mental health courses.

Useful GPMHSC resource

Overview of the GPMHSC Quality Assurance Program