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Mental health training standards 2023–25

The Mental health training standards 2023–25: A guide for general practitioners is a document for GPs who wish to find out about:

  • the standards of mental health training and education that GPs must meet in order to be eligible to access general practice mental health care MBS item numbers under the Better Access initiative
  • what they should consider when selecting continuing professional development (CPD) in mental health so that their skills and knowledge in mental health are up to date and broad ranging.

Changes from the previous edition

This edition is shorter and provides clearer and more concise information about the requirements of GP mental health training and education.

For example:
  • the processes and procedures outlining the requirements of registering with Medicare have been streamlined
  • there is a concise list of recommended mental health topics you can refer to when searching for and selecting courses in mental health CPD and FPS CPD.
This edition includes:
  • lists of useful resources throughout the document
  • a glossary that defines important and relevant terms and phrases as they are used in the Standards.

Alignment with best practice relating to mental health care

After a review of the General Practice Mental Health Training Framework, the Standards now more closely align with best practice relating to the provision of mental health care in general practice.

Revised learning outcomes for accredited training in mental health

The learning outcomes of the accredited training in mental health have been revised so that they now align with the learning outcomes and competencies, as outlined in the RACGP curriculum and syllabus for Australian general practice: Mental health, and ACRRM’s Rural Generalist Curriculum for Mental Health.

The learning outcomes relating to practice systems and strategies to provide safe and holistic mental health care now include topics relating to GPs’ self-care and wellbeing.


GPMHSC-Mental-health-training-standards-2023-25_A-guide-for-GPs.pdf Mental-health-training-standards-2020-22_A-guide-for-GPs.PDF