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7 August 2023

Message from Chair

Hello from the General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration (GPMHSC), and welcome to the winter edition of our newsletter.

Budget changes to mental health care

We received great news at the most recent budget, with a promise to prioritise primary healthcare and more funding to strength Medicare and GPs in the way of tripling the bulk-billing incentive, and a new rebate for hour-long consults. The changes include $5.7b to Medicare, and $586.9m to mental health and suicide prevention, something the GPMHSC is very pleased about!

Third intake of the Focussed Psychological Strategies Mentorship Program beginning

The third intake of the FPS Mentorship Program begins in August, a program that so far has had great success and feedback from both mentors and mentees. The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity for experienced GP providers of FPS (mentors) to guide and support newly trained GPs (mentees) towards becoming skilled FPS providers.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in in future, keep an eye out for emails from the GPMHSC seeking applications.

GPMHSC attendance at Perth and Brisbane General Practice Convention and Exhibition conferences

The GPMHSC is excited to be attending the General Practice Convention and Exhibition in Perth on 22–23 July, and 9–10 September in Brisbane. We love meeting and speaking with GPs interested in mental health training, so if you’re attending be sure to come and find us by the coffee cart!

Assoc Prof Morton Rawlin


For GPs

Mental health treatment plan (MHTP) templates online now

In 2022, the GPMHSC convened working groups for the culturally and linguistically diverse population, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, refugees, veterans and the LGBTQI+ community to update the current MHTP templates.


Coming soon: GPMHSC and InsideOut eating disorder templates

In 2022, the GPMHSC began collaborating with InsideOut to update their current eating disorder plan templates.


Focussed psychological strategies subsidy – available until 30 September 2023

The $600 FPS subsidy has been extended until 30 September 2023.


Providers of FPS – meeting your FPS CPD requirements

If you’re an existing or new provider of FPS, you know you need to complete six hours of FPS CPD each triennium.


Focussed psychological strategies skills training – New FPS ST activity by PSYCH SCENE

​In 2022, Psych Scene was awarded a $10,000 grant to develop an online FPS ST activity.


Interested in trauma informed care? Check out the GPMHSC trauma informed care resource hub today

The GPMHSC trauma-informed care resource hub is a convenient, online tool, providing GPs with access to the latest information on implementing trauma-informed care in general practice.


New Focused Psychological Strategies CPD activity by Carbal Medical Services

​If you are a registered provider of FPS, and looking to maintain your FPS skills training, Carbal have developed a culturally appropriate online course can be access any time and location.


For Training Providers

ONE training provider grant available

The $10,000 GPMHSC training provider grants were hot property, and one has already been snapped up. We now have one more $10,000 grant to give to a training provider interested in developing an online or blended Focussed psychological strategies skills training activity!


GPMHSC short videos available for download

Training providers are encouraged to incorporate the following resources as part of their mental health training and educational activities.


Have you accredited your Mental Health and Focussed Psychological Strategies CPD activities?

We’re now halfway through 2023 and the new triennium, and GPs are required to complete 50 hours of CPD, made up of educational activities, reviewing performance and measuring outcomes.


Diversity in consumer and carer representation

We encourage training providers to source consumer and carer representatives from diverse backgrounds. The active involvement of consumers and carers from different age groups can reveal a different perspective on the lived experience and recovery journey.


Training and education


General practice conference and exhibition
Dates: 9–10 September 2023
Venue: Brisbane Convention Centre, Brisbane
Register now

WONCA 2023
Dates: 26–29 October 2023
Venue: Sydney, Australia
Register now

Free educational webinars


Supporting the mental health of children who experience bullying
Date/time: On demand
Venue: Online
View now

Family violence COLLAB LAB (2023 conference session)
Date/time: On demand
Venue: Online
View now

Spotlight on accredited mental health education

MHST online and face-to-face courses

Deadly Mental Health Skills Training
Date: 13 March 2023 – Sun 31 December 2023
Provider: Carbal Medical Services
Duration: 9.5 hours
Venue: QLD or Zoom

Mental health skills training with a focus on youth mental health (primary pathway)
Date: Until 31 December 2023
Provider: gplearning
Duration: 8.5 hours
Venue: Online

A GP framework for child mental health assessment (5-12 years)
Date: Until 31 December 2023
Provider: Emerging Minds
Duration: 7.5 hours
Venue: Online

ThinkGP - Clinical enhancement module: Youth mental health
Date: Until 30 September 2023
Provider: ThinkGP
Duration: 6 hours
Venue: Online

FPS ST online courses and face-to-face workshops

ASPM Focused psychological strategies skills training
Date: Saturday 5 to Sunday 6 August 2023, Saturday 14 to Sunday 15 October 2023
Provider: Australian Society of Psychological Medicine
Duration: 21 hours
Venue: Online

Interpersonal therapy in practice
Date: Online – Self paced
Provider: Dr Cate Howell Mental Health Education and Wellbeing
Duration: 20 hours
Venue: Online

Deadly FPS ST - Narrative therapy and interpersonal therapy
Date: Online – Self paced
Provider: Carbal Medical Services
Duration: 25 hours (EA 12 hours; RP 13 hours)
Venue: Online

Focussed psychological strategies CPD
Cognitive behavioural therapy skills for general practice
Date: On demand
Provider: RACGP Rural
Duration: Six hours
Venue: Online

Bipolar Disorder
Date: Until 31 December 2023
Provider: HealthCert
Duration: 12 hours
Venue: Online

Medical Mindfulness 101 for GPs
Date: Online – Self paced
Provider: Armchair Medical
Duration: 32 hours (EA 14hrs; RP 8hrs; MO 10hrs)
Venue: Online