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New GP-to-patient Telehealth item numbers for mental health in drought-affected communities

The Department of Health has recently introduced six new Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items to enable GPs and non-specialist practitioners to provide mental health and wellbeing support services via video conference to patients in drought-affected areas.

The GP needs to be working in a drought-declared area under the Drought Communities Program in a Modified Monash Model areas 3–7, the patient will need to be at least 15 minutes by road from the GP and there needs to be an existing relationship between the GP and the patient.

GPs can access additional information on MBS items 2121, 2150 and 2196 by visiting MBS online. For non-specialist medical practitioners, MBS items 894, 896 and 898 can be used when providing a mental health consultation using video conferencing direct to the patient.

Healthdirect Australia is offering Healthdirect video calls at no charge to GPs and practices who wish to access the new MBS items for mental health via Telehealth in drought-affected areas.

For more information, please visit the Healthdirect Australia website.