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Seeking training providers for mental health skills training activities

The GPMHSC is currently seeking training providers to develop and run mental health skills training activities focussed on Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and Eating Disorders.

Accrediting your activity with the GPMHSC means that GPs completing your course can access Medicare item numbers 2715 and 2717, learn to develop accurate and in-depth mental health treatment plans and adequately involve consumers and carers. You’ll be able to utilise the RACGP and GPMHSC logos, both trusted organisations in the GP education field, when advertising your course.

Types of MHST activities

The MHST primary pathway (formerly Level 1 Mental Health Training) is entry-level training in mental health for GPs with limited mental healthcare experience. Its purpose is to provide GPs, including GP registrars, with a basic understanding of common mental illnesses and training relating to the development of mental health treatment plans.

If you are interested in developing more specific training in mental health, consider the modular pathway of MHST, consisting of a core module and a clinical enhancement module.

Does this sound like something you might be interested in? Get in contact today by emailing the GPMHSC secretariat.