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The GPMHSC quality assurance program

The quality assurance program:
The GPMHSC reserves the right to ask the training providers and participants for information on any issues concerning the training, to be included in evaluation activities.

The GPMHSC uses two main methods to monitor the quality of GPMHSC-accredited training activities:
  Each triennium, the GPMHSC is required by the Department of Health to complete quality assurance reviews on accredited training activities. These activities may be selected at random or if a GP participant attending the activity issues a complaint. The GPMHSC Secretariat will notify the training provider one month before the scheduled training.
  Within six weeks of the first delivery of an activity, the GPMHSC will review the participant evaluation report submitted to the RACGP and/or ACRRM as per their requirements for ongoing accreditation of activities. Providers of e-learning activities are also required to submit learning management system logs within six weeks of the launch of the e-learning activity that show the time participants take to complete the training.

The GPMHSC Secretariat will contact the training provider one month after the quality assurance assessment and request an updated program or agenda outlining the recommended changes. Failure to provide an updated program or agenda may result in another review of the activity.

For more information on the GPMHSC quality assurance program, download the Mental health training standards 2023-25: a guide for training providers


Overview of the quality assurance assessment (QAA) process

The QAA flow chart was developed to provide training providers with a clear overview on the steps and actions taken during the QAA process.

You can access the document below under Downloads.

For further information, please contact the GPMHSC Secretariat via email or contact 03 8699 0556.