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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The process for applying for the accredition of an MHST or FPS ST activity can be found at Part 4 of the Mental health standards: A guide for training providers on the resources for training providers section of the GPMHSC website. 
GPMHSC accredited MHST and/or FPS ST activities are required to also have RACGP and/or ACRRM accreditation.

Training providers can seek accreditation from the relevant College using the MHST and/or FPS ST application forms.

If you are applying for GPMHSC accreditation of an activity that does not have prior accreditation with the RACGP and/or ACRRM, the training application form must be forwarded to the relevant College.

View RACGP CPD Program contact details.

View ACRRM Professional Development Program (PDP) contact details.

For accredited RACGP and/or ACRRM activities applying for GPMHSC accreditation, the online form found at Part 4 of the Mental health standards: A guide for training providers must be completed.
GPs have two options for completing Mental Health Skills Training (MHST); the MHST primary pathway and MHST modular pathway.

GPs can complete the MHST primary pathway, which is a six-hour (at minimum) activity that can be completed online or face-to-face. The MHST primary pathway is designed for general practice registrars and other doctors entering Australian general practice however, can be completed by any GPs wishing to extend their skills in primary mental health.

To satisfy the requirements of the MHST modular pathway, GPs must complete one Core Module (three hours) and one Clinical Enhancement Module (four hours). The MHST modular pathway is catered for more experienced GPs who assess, treat and manage complex mental health issues in their practices.
The time it takes for your activity to be adjudicated for GPMHSC accreditation varies and is dependent on a number of factors. It is recommended that training providers submit their application two weeks before the GPMHSC Committee meeting date.

This allows time for the GPMHSC Secretariat to pre-adjudicate the application and request additional information before the final application is adjudicated by the Committee.

To avoid delays, it is recommended that training providers complete all relevant sections of the application form with clear and detailed responses. The expectation is that each section on the application form contains at least 250–300 words.
Training providers will be advised of the adjudication outcome via email, approximately 1–2 business days after the GPMHSC Committee meeting date.

Formal written correspondence will be provided up to 10 business days following the meeting.
The GPMHSC Secretariat will pre-adjudicate all training applications. This is to ensure that all sections of the application form are completed correctly and sufficient detailed information is provided.

The GPMHSC Secretariat will notify the training provider if further information is required. If the training provider cannot provide additional feedback on time (usually within the final draft application due date), your application may need to be considered at the next scheduled GPMHSC Committee meeting.

The GPMHSC Committee will conduct the final review and assess the application according to the learning objectives as outlined in the Mental health training standards 2023-25: a guide for training providers.
As the GPMSHC Committee meets monthly, final applications for MHST and FPS ST courses must be submitted to the GPMHSC Secretariat by COB on the due date.

This is to ensure the application is included on the agenda for adjudication by the GPMHSC Committee at the next scheduled meeting.

View the draft and final application due dates.

Late applications are generally not accepted. If final applications are incomplete or if the GPMHSC Committee meeting agenda is filled, applications will be considered at the next scheduled Committee meeting. This decision is at the discretion of the GPMHSC Secretariat.

Training providers can apply for MH CPD and/or FPS CPD accreditation via the relevant College with which they are seeking activity accreditation.

For RACGP accredited activities, this involves marking the course for MH CPD or FPS CPD accreditation under the Specific requirement eligibility section of the activity notification form. The RACGP CPD state faculty Program Coordinator (PC) will flag the request for MH CPD or FPS accreditation to the GPMHSC Secretariat, who will review the activity. The GPMHSC Secretariat will notify the training provider in writing of the outcome within 2–4 business days upon receipt from the state faculty PC.

For ACRRM accredited activities, please contact the GPMHSC Secretariat directly to request CPD or FPS CPD accreditation.

You can email your request to or call 03 8699 0566 for more information.
The GPMHSC will not consider applications for accreditation of training that has not been conducted prior to the meeting date. To avoid this, please ensure that you adhere to the meeting due dates.

View the draft and final application due dates.
Training providers, who had MHST and/or FP ST activities accredited with the GPMHSC in previous trienniums, will need to apply for re-accreditation. This is to ensure that the activity remains accredited for the 2023-25 triennium.
 The re-accreditation process, generally involves the following:
  • Submit information outlining any changes made from the original MHST and/or FPS ST application. Please note, this letter is not required if there have been no changes made since accreditation.
  • Include updated course materials such as program outline and agenda, predisposing and reinforcing activities, participant resources/workbooks, presentations and advertising material.
  • A copy of an evaluation report containing aggregated data from activities conducted in the previous triennium. The report can be identical to the evaluation report submitted to the RACGP and/or ACRRM.

The GPMHSC Secretariat will review the application for re-accreditation and notify the training provider in writing of the outcome within 7–10 business days of receipt.
A hallmark feature of all GPMHSC-accredited MHST and FPS ST activities is the mandatory inclusion of the lived experience through carer and consumer perspectives in mental health.

Training providers are encouraged to download the following resources via the GPMHSC website, which will assist in incorporating carer and consumer involvement in their skills training activities:

Incorporating the carer and consumer perspective in mental health training

GPMHSC and beyondblue – Consumer and carer perspectives of GP Mental Health Training.