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The accreditation process

Whether you are wanting to develop an activity, or have an activity already ready to accredit, you can find all the information you need on accrediting activities with the GPMHSC here.

Tip: It is important to note that in order to accredit an activity with the GPMHSC, training providers must also be approved cpd education providers with the RACGP . We recommend doing the below two process concurrently.

GPMHSC accreditation process

1. Review the information on planning, developing and accrediting activities in the Mental Health Standards for General Practice: A guide for training providers:

2. Review the committee meeting dates to see when your activity can be adjudicated by the GPMHSC committee
3. Finalise your course information, and collate the documents required for accreditation
4. Submit your application for accreditation via online reaccreditation form
5. The GPMHSC Secretariat will review your draft application and work with you on any changes. Your activity will then be submitted to the GPMHSC Committee for adjudication. Once approved, you will be sent a letter of outcome and the GPMHSC logos to begin advertising your course.  

Become a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Education Provider with the RACGP

1. Review the following documents (links below):

2. Should you choose to proceed with the application process please return the completed Provider eligibility criteria checklist and Provider application form to
3. Once approved, you will set up your activity via the RACGP portal. This activity number will be provided to the GPMHSC on your above online application form.


2023-25-CPD-New-Provider-Application.pdf 2023-25-CPD-Provider-Agreement-Sample.pdf 2023-25-CPD-Provider-Eligibility-Criteria-Checklist.pdf 2023-25-CPD-Provider-Handbook.pdf Contact-List-CPD-January-2023.pdf