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GP MHTP templates – Rich Text Format (RTF)

It is not necessary to complete all fields when preparing the GP MHTP. GPs may choose to adapt the templates according to the needs of their patients and practice.

It is not mandatory to use any particular form when preparing and claiming for a GP MHTP (MBS items 2700, 2701, 2715 and 2717).

Rich Text Format (RTF) versions are required for importing the GP MHTP templates into GP software systems, such as Best Practice® and MedicalDirector®

If you experience technical issues importing the templates, please contact your medical software vendor.


GPMHSC-ATSI-Referral-Letter-Template-May-2023_RTF.rtf GPMHSC-ATSI-SEWB-Plan-Template-May-2023_RTF.rtf GPMHSC-ATSI-SEWB-Review-Template-May-2023_RTF.rtf GPMHSC-Minimal-Requirements-MHTP-Review-Template-May-2023_RTF.rtf GPMHSC-Minimal-Requirements-MHTP-Template-May-2023_RTF.rtf GPMHSC-Request-For-Services-Template-May-2023_RTF.rtf Patient_wellbeing_assessment_and_recovery_plan_SOAP.rtf Patient-wellbeing-assessment-and-recovery-plan_Adults.rtf Patient-wellbeing-assessment-and-recovery-plan_Children-and-adolescents.rtf