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Developing and reviewing a GP MHTP 

GP Mental Health Treatment Plans (MHTPs):
  When a GP uses an MHTP template, such as those developed by the GPMHSC, they can be guided through important questions and prompts when discussing a patient' mental health issues

The assessment of a patient must include:
  This also includes a risk assessment, indicating severity of psychological distress and whether the patient experiences thoughts of suicide, self-harm or harm to others.

The next step is to discuss with a patient their treatment plan. This must include:
  The referral may be to a psychologist for sessions or a psychiatrist for opinion, planning and treatment. There should also be discussion with any carer/support person for an identified role if needed. Medication might be considered if and when these treatments are not proving successful.

It should be noted that the referral letter is separate from the MHTP. It is important to provide a referral letter with a request for psychological treatment to the allied health professional to ensure a valid referral.

The MHTP can be provided to the patient, with the referral letter going to the allied health professional (psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, occupational therapist or GP FPS Provider). It is up to the patient as to whether the MHTP is provided to this health professional.

The initial referral should be for up to six sessions with a psychologist, followed by a GP review of the plan and outcomes from treatment. At this point a report is provided to the referring GP for information on progress of the plan.

Reviewing a patient’s progress is an important part of ensuring continuity of mental healthcare and best outcomes. This enables access to a further four sessions.

Review of a GP MHTP must include:
  It is important that the MHTP and treatment sessions move towards an improved outcome in wellbeing, rather than creating a reliance on a new health professional. While GP MHTPs can be time consuming, they are important part of ensuring the role of the GP in the holistic care of their patient.