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The reaccreditation process

What is reaccreditation?

Reaccreditation is the process of having currently accredited activities reaccredited when we move into a new training triennium.

What is the GPMHSC reaccreditation process?

1. Review the Mental Health Standards for General Practice: A guide for training providers and ensure your activity meets all the learning outcomes
2. Complete the online reaccreditation form
3. The GPMHSC Secretariat will review your activity and approve it for reaccreditation, or get in contact with you for any changes
4. Once approved, the GPMHSC Secretariat will email you a letter of outcome along with new triennium logos to be displayed on your activity certificates and website

What about RACGP?

Training providers will also be required to renew their status as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Education Provider with the RACGP.

What is the RACGP CPD provider renewal process?

1. Review the following documents:

2. Should you choose to proceed with the application process please return the completed provider eligibility criteria checklist and provider application form to
3. Once approved, you will set up your activity via the RACGP portal. This activity number will be provided to the GPMHSC on your above online application form.


2023-25-CPD-New-Provider-Application.pdf 2023-25-CPD-Provider-Agreement-Sample.pdf 2023-25-CPD-Provider-Eligibility-Criteria-Checklist.pdf 2023-25-CPD-Provider-Handbook.pdf Contact-List-CPD-January-2023.pdf